Monday, May 14, 2012

The Widow's Birthday

If you Google 2becomes1, the first thing you get is my blog. I’m ahead of a wedding planning service in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and a Spice Girls YouTube video.
Nevertheless, I found out recently that in the realm of circulation—attracting more readers—I’ve done this blog thing all wrong. The problem is, no one has any reason to Google 2becomes1. Unless they’re looking for the Spice Girls or a wedding planning service, in which case they aren’t thinking about widowhood. 
If I want widows all over the world to read this blog, then I should have put widow in the blog title and I should have the word widow in the title of each post. 
I worried about this for about 24 hours before assigning it to the category of Things I Don’t Have Time to Worry about Now. 
D kindly put a link to the blog on my website (, and I have a Facebook page, but I’m afraid that if I started to tweet no one would follow me and I’d be crushed, so that’s as far as I’ve gone with social media. 
In the meantime, May is my Birthday Festival Month, and as always, people sent me cards with dogs on them. Can’t imagine why . . . 
One came from Lulu . . . 
Copyright (c) Ron Schmidt

Inside, she claims to have read the books she’s sitting on. 

This one came from my brother and sister-in-law. My brother is something of a card, so to speak. 

Copyright (c) Molly & Fig
Photo copyright (c) Kim Levin
That’s all! As you were.


  1. Happy birthday, Debby!

  2. I second that wish! I hope Lulu took you for a special walk as well as sending that well chosen card.



  3. I third it. Great cards, deeply appreciated by all of your dog-obsessed friends. Birthdays themselves - maybe not quite so much.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! A birthday month -- I like it! I think we should celebrate our birthdays for as long as possible.