Thursday, March 20, 2014

Persimmon Tree

Dear Readers, 
The next chapter of my untitled novel requires more thought! 
While I'm thinking, here is the new, Spring 2014 issue of Persimmon Tree, an online magazine. 
Not incidentally, I have an ad for my memoir, Riptides & Solaces Unforeseen, in the Arts Mart, mentioned below, in this issue. Check it out; Riptides is the third book on the list, with lots of great compliments. 
And do check out Persimmon Tree. In a happy coincidence, Andrew and Annie are off stage being activists, while the activism issue of Persimmon Tree is just published. 
And I have learned to add links to my blog. Easy!
And I learned this quote from Alice Walker: "Activism is the rent I pay to live on the planet."

From Persimmon Tree:
Dear Readers,

What an active bunch you are!  When we asked for pieces about politics and activism, we received story after story. Civil rights and civil disobedience; anti-war and pro-feminism; working with prisoners; sheltering undocumented families, among others. Go to to be inspired.

The whole Spring issue is about activism, which means not only fiction and nonfiction, but Art (in-your-face posters from the Guerrilla Girls), chilling poetry from Martha Collins, and an interview with Lilly Rivlin about making feminist documentaries. Lots of Short Takes, both prose and poetry. So much to read, so much to admire.

Please spread the word. Tell your friends that reading is a political act in itself.

The Poetry contest for the Southern States is now open; check the submissions page for the rules. Think about entering the Short Takes contest ("Summer" for the Summer issue); the deadline for both contests is April 15.

And check out the Arts Mart for offerings from our community.

The Editors
Persimmon Tree